Another Perspective of Golf

Billy Fung Golf Acadamy

Lesson can be in Mandarin, Cantonese, or English.

 Swing Fundamental

Fundamental is very important. It is the basic structure, the rule, and the principle. Without a solid fundamental, not only will slow down the improvement, also may cause body injuries.


Practice & Training

Practice with a good system will result in better understanding and faster improvement.

Training is not only your body, but also your mind.



Nothing will happen right away. Be Patient. Every time you try, it is a valuable experience.

Believe yourselves.


“I start golfing when I was 25 years old. At the beginning, I was having a tough time that I can’t even make contact to the ball. I even set a goal to myself that I will quit after I can get the ball in the air. No one believe that I will become a golf instructor, not even myself. 

However, Golf is a very interesting game. Not only having fun when playing on the golf course, also the process of improvement. Now, I become a golf instructor.” 

Billy Fung

The Billy Fung Golf Academy

Golf is a very interesting sport. For sure is fun, and the process of learning also leads to a good impact on your body and mind.

Golfer thinks he will be happy by finish a round with low score, and that is fun. How about enjoy the moment of the overcome a tough hole, will it be more fun?

Is fun only happen at the end? Or it can be happen during the process.

Billy Fung has his own way to guild his student not just improve the swing result, also the attitude. The attitude in playing golf.

Enjoy every moment of golfing: around of golf, practice golf, and process of improvement.


Different goal needs different program. Set your goal before set the program.
Basic Lesson Price 

Single Lesson

5 Lessons Series

Single Lesson

2-Some Lesson

3-Some Lesson

4-Some Lesson


$60 per person

$50 per person

$45 per person

Single Series

2-Some Series

3-Some Series

4-Some Series


$260 per person

$220 per person

$200 per person

Each lesson is 45 mins. Balls are included.

Special Program

Special Program is a high quality development program.
Multi-class during the same week will helps develop high level skills, critical thinking, and create “muscle memory”.
A certain amount of practice within a period of time helps in building strong foundation and high level skill.

Contact Billy Fung directly to discuss this program.